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After a career of over 20 years in the British Defence Intelligence Staff, Anthony is now a full time author and defence analyst.  

Contributing to many publications Anthony has been regularly used by the BBC, Channel 4, Sky News and Russia Today to comment upon regional conflicts.

Most recently Anthony has been working with media companies and has a total of 8 books for publication this year (2018).

Most rec


Proven track record with a broad range of publications, publishers, documentary film makers and news outlets.  Published on most aspects of warfare and regional conflicts, including Terrorism, World War II, World War I, Modern Warfare and Ancient Warfare.

Prolific book, feature and script writer (over 500 articles published in print and online as well as over 40 books published).

Can undertake short deadline commissions especially for news analysis.

Can conduct peer and editorial reviews for publishers.


Extensive picture library of over 10,000 images covering an extensive range of military topics.

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