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Anthony started his writing career freelancing for the internationally renowned Jane’s Defence Weekly and Jane’s Intelligence Review.  Subsequently he was recruited by the British Defence Intelligence Staff.  Since then he has forged a career as a full time author and writer.

This included almost a decade as a leading feature writer for Military Illustrated. He has also contributed to numerous other military aviation, military vehicle and naval magazines.  Anthony has had over 30 books published including a number of the highly successful Images of War series published by Pen & Sword - he also wrote the recent Modern Warfare series for Pen & Sword.

In addition he specialises in counter-terrorism and has been the freelance terrorism and security correspondent for intersec - the Journal of International Security for the past 10 years. This highly respected magazine is the leading publication for the UK’s security industry.

Current Projects

Anthony has recently completed an in depth study of the war on the Eastern Front fought during 1941-45 for History Press.  This offers new insight into Hitler and Stalin’s key intelligence blunders that led to the conflict and some of the most famous battles of the Second World War.   In particular, it focuses on the handful of intelligence officers on both sides who tried to warn Hitler and Stalin but to no avail.  This is due for publication in 2017.